Tuesday, April 17, 2018

White Spot Lesions

One of the most common cosmetic problems seen in dentistry is the appearance of white spots on the teeth. At Dr. Lis Bradley’s Brentwood dental practice, we can assist patients with this problem, but we want them to understand why it is a health concern and what they can do to prevent it.

White spot lesions are the result of minerals being removed from the teeth’s surface. They are recognizable by their chalky appearance and can result from acid reflux. However, the more common reason for their development, particularly on the front teeth, is tooth decay. Bacterial infections create acid, and the removal of minerals on teeth is the first step in the formation of a cavity. For this reason, white spots are also known as incipient lesions.

Proper oral hygiene at home and professional cleanings can arrest the progress of a white spot. However, the discoloration is likely to remain unless the patient receives remineralization treatment. They may also want to consider bonding or veneers, depending on the extent of the damage. White spots commonly form near orthodontic brackets, where patients have the most difficulty brushing. People with braces need to brush especially carefully. For those who are eligible, the ClearCorrect orthodontic system our office offers has the benefit of not using brackets.

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