Thursday, March 29, 2018

Causes of Gap Teeth

Are you sick of having a gap between your top front teeth? Brentwood dentist Dr. Lis Bradley can help with that! There are a variety of treatments available for gaps between teeth (which are scientifically known as diastemas), but which one is appropriate will depend on what caused the gap to develop.

Sometimes, the gap is due to something as simple as the teeth being small for the size of the mouth. If the gap is small enough, it may be possible for us to cover it using veneers. Our DURAthin brand fit right over a patient’s teeth, sparing them the enamel removal needed for thicker veneers. We may also choose ClearCorrect orthodontic treatment, which will close the gap using invisible, custom-crafted aligners.

However, if the patient is thrusting their tongue against their teeth or has a habit of sucking their thumb, the gap will reopen. Some people also have thick labial frenums, which are the vertical strips of tissue on the inside of the top lip. This could prevent the teeth from closing together and need to be surgically reduced.

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