Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Causes of Filling Failure

We provide patients with inconspicuous, comfortable fillings at Dr. Lis Bradley’s Brentwood dental office, and as scientists study fillings more, our procedures continue to improve. We want to pass along the results of a study on filling failure that provides some good news as well as information about when people need to especially be on their guard.

Fillings do not usually last longer than ten years before needing to be replaced, but a few factors cause them to fail early. Two of the most common of these are smoking and alcohol use. The new study also found that early filling failure tends to run in families, suggesting there could be a genetic component. For people in these categories, it is especially important to maintain regular dental check-ups, so we can examine each filling’s viability and replace it before failure allows decay to resume or function to be compromised.

The study also had a very positive finding. White-colored composite fillings, which have recently emerged as an alternative to amalgam ones, have just as high a rate of success. This is good news because the white fillings are generally thought to be more attractive and avoid some of the problems with metal, such as sensitivity to coldness and heat.

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