Saturday, December 16, 2017

Diabetes and Implants

Patients at Dr. Lis Bradly’s dental practice in Brentwood can count on oral care suited to their unique needs. One of the conditions which causes the most oral health complications is diabetes, and today, we’re looking at how diabetes affects a patient’s candidacy for implants.

Doctors long debated whether people with diabetes should get dental implants. On one hand, diabetes drives periodontal disease and periodontal disease can cause people’s teeth to fall out, creating a need for restorations. On the other hand, diabetes slows the healing of wounds and placement of implants requires incisions to be made in the gum tissue. Implant failure is also associated with gum inflammation, and people with uncontrolled diabetes are prone to chronic inflammation. But after reviewing many scientific studies, the American Dental Association reached the conclusion that diabetes patients with controlled blood sugar do not actually have higher rates of implant failure than the general population. While the longer recovery period and the need for more attention to inflammation and its causes are factors to keep in mind, diabetes does not itself disqualify a person from receiving this life-changing treatment, and the rate of implant failure overall is very low.

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